Song Joong-ki Age, Net Worth, Height, Affair, Career, and More (2023)

Are you a fan of Song Joong-ki? He is a South Korean Actress. He is famous for UPDATE SOON. If you are curious about Song Joong-ki and want to know more about him, then you will be happy to know that, we have covered everything about him.

Here we added Song Joong-ki Net worth, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Weight, Qualification, Favorite things, Bio, and more.

Song Joong-ki Personal Details

Song Joong-ki Age, Net Worth, Height, Affair, Career, and More (1)

We all want to know the personal details about Song Joong-ki, don’t we? You may be wondering what his age is or where he grew up. Did you know that there are many different types of zodiac signs? Most people do not know this, so it’s time that you learned! This post will discuss the personal details of Song Joong-ki and provide a little background on each one. Here you’ll find his age, nationality, zodiac sign, hometown, and more! You can find everything here.

Song Joong-ki was born on September 19, 1985, in Secheon-dong, Daejeon, South Korea He grew up there with his Family. His full name is Song Joong-ki, and his nickname is Song. His zodiac sign is Virgo. He is 35 years old (in 2021).

Let’s see Song Joong-ki personal detail.

Full Name

Song Joong-ki


September 19, 1985

Age in 2021

35 years old (in 2021)



Zodiac Sign



South Korean

Birth Place

Secheon-dong, Daejeon, South Korea

Home Town

Secheon-dong, Daejeon, South Korea


South Korean

Body Structure and Measurement

Celebrities are often admired for their beauty and the way they carry themselves. However, it is not always easy to understand what makes them so attractive. The structure of a person’s body can determine if they have an hourglass shape or if they have more straight lines like male models.

Here we discuss how Song Joong-ki achieved his body shapes by looking at some key factors that helped him maintain his figure, including genetics, dieting habits, and exercise routines. It is important to know about your body type because it can impact what clothes you should buy.

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Do you know the height, weight, or body structure of Song Joong-ki? Don’t worry we are here to inform you that we cover each and every detail of Song Joong-ki body structure?

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Song Joong-ki height is 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.78 m), and his weight is 66 kg (122 lbs). Weight might have changed, but we added the latest one. His hair color is Brown, and his eye color is Black.

Below the table, you can find more things about him.


66 kg (122 lbs)


5 Feet 6 Inches (1.78 m)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Body Build Type:



32 Inches


32 Inches


26 Inches

Shoe Size:


Family Details of Song Joong-ki

Celebrities are always the center of attention, and there is no shortage of information about their lives. However, it cannot be easy to find out more about celebrities’ families. I’m here to tell you all about Song Joong-ki family!

Song Joong-ki family member detail discussed here. Here we discuss Song Joong-ki’s father, mother, sister, and brothers each and every detail.

Song Joong-ki‘s Father’s name is Song Yong-gak and his mother’s name is ‘UPDATE SOON’. His brother’s name is Song Seung-ki and his sister’s name Song Seul-ki.


Song Yong-gak

(Video) Song Joong Ki Lifestyle, Girlfriend, Net worth, Family, Car, Height, Age, House, Biography 2022




Song Hye-kyo (m. 2017–2019)


Song Seul-ki

Relationship History of Song Joong-ki

Song Joong-ki Age, Net Worth, Height, Affair, Career, and More (2)

The world, the fauna is trying to survive, Western politics is in a crisis, the toxic weather is spreading around, even in a situation where the relationship between celebrities is the headline of the newspaper.

News of famous people’s relationships is all over our emotions. Celebrities’ love, affection, separation is always in the center of their fans’ interest. No matter the situation, this news is always in trend for the people.

Considering all these issues, we have tried to highlight all the issues of Song Joong-ki’s relationship. In the below table, you can find out who is Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend, with whom he was dating, and about his wife.

Note: There are many celebrities who do not want to share their personal life in the internet world, it is very difficult to find information about those celebrities. We have tried our best to highlight all the issues.

Song Joong-ki girlfriend, wife, and partner details are discussed here. In the below section we discuss his relationship and affair.

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Song Joong-ki wife/girlfriend name is Song Hye-kyo (m. 2017–2019).

Marital Status


Dating With?

Song Hye-kyo (m. 2017–2019)

Girl Friend

Song Hye-kyo (m. 2017–2019)


Song Hye-kyo (m. 2017–2019)





Relationships are difficult. They take time and work. The same goes for an affair, but it is less likely to be as successful as a relationship can be. Affairs often don’t last for long because they have no emotional connection or sense of love from one another.

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Sometimes, all people need to feel special in the world like someone cares about them and wants them around. Relationships provide this sense of security and care that affairs cannot offer; if you want more than sex with your partner, try giving him or her something real instead!

Educational Background

A lot of celebrities have a pretty good education. They are often seen in the media or on social networking sites with their college degrees framed and hanging up on the wall. Some famous people even go to school after making it big, and some drop out of high school because they could not afford to continue their education. It’s interesting that despite their fame, these celebs still feel the need to educate themselves more by going back to finish what is left unfinished from high school or starting at a university all over again.

Some people ask us about Song Joong-ki’s educational qualification. People inspired by their favorite person’s activity. In the below section we discuss Song Joong-ki educational qualification.

High School



Sungkyunkwan University
Chung-Ang university



Career and Achievement of Song Joong-ki

Within the world of entertainment, there are always a few celebrities who stand out from the rest. These stars have gained fame and success in their careers and some of them don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In this blog post, we will look at how Song Joong-ki achieved such high levels of success and what has made him so popular with fans all over the world.

Each celebrity has had a different path to get where they are today, but one thing remains true for each: hard work pays off!

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Here we discuss Song Joong-ki’s early life and professional career. People want to know about his early life and career.

Song Joong-ki started his career as Actress.



Famous For


Net Worth and Income Source of Song Joong-ki

Net worth is a term that defines how much you are worth. It includes your assets and liabilities, with the difference being your net worth. You can calculate it by adding up all of your assets (what you own) and subtracting all of your liabilities (what you owe). With so many people these days becoming famous for their internet presence, it’s become more difficult to determine who has the most money or what they may be worth.

Do you wonder how much money Song Joong-ki has? This article will provide information on where Song Joong-ki is getting his money from and just how wealthy he is. He may not look that rich, but he is definitely living a high life with some pretty impressive wealth!

Song Joong-ki net worth, income source, and salary have been updated below. You can find his net worth and source of income in the below section.

Actress is Song Joong-ki primary income source. His net worth is USD $4-5 Million approx in 2021.

Income Source


Net Worth in 2021

USD $4-5 Million approx

Favorite Things of Song Joong-ki

We all have that one celebrity we love to follow. Whether it’s their music, fashion sense, or just how they live life- you love to soak up every little detail they give out. And if you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably been wondering what your favorite celebs are loving lately?

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Here we will focus on the favorite things of Song Joong-ki enjoy in his downtime from fame and fortune. We’ll explore everything from food & drinks to home decor. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Song Joong-ki favorite thing discuss here. You can find what is his favorite color, favorite food, favorite actor, favorite hobby, and much more things here.

Favorite Food


Favorite Color


Favorite Actor


Love to Do


Some FAQ of Song Joong-ki

1.What is the age of Song Joong-ki?

Answer =He is 35 years old (in 2021).

2.What is the Net Worth of Song Joong-ki?

Answer = Song Joong-ki net worth is USD $4-5 Million approx in 2021.

3.Does he married?

Answer = He is Married

4.What is the height of Song Joong-ki?

Answer = His height is 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.78 m).


Song Joong-ki life story is one that we can all learn from. He has had an extraordinary career, but he isn’t perfect, just like the rest of us! It would help if you used his example to recognize how important it is to work hard and be honest with yourself about who you are as a person. The only person you CAN beat in this world? Yourself!!

That’s all about Song Joong-ki. We hope you get all your desire information about Song Joong-ki. If we miss anything, then let us know in the comment section.

Song Joong-ki Age, Net Worth, Height, Affair, Career, and More (3)

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What is Song Joong Ki height? ›

How old is Joongki? ›

Who is Joong Ki mother and father? ›

How old is Song Hye Kyo? ›

Is Song Joong Ki in a relationship? ›

Because of their sweetness, the two South Korean artists were rumored to be having a romantic relationship. While it is true that Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin really look together, it does not necessarily mean that they are an item already. More so, neither of the two Vincenzo stars has confirmed their relationship.

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Is Song Joong Ki rich? ›

Celebeat revealed that Song Joong Ki has a net worth of $21 million in 2021. Other reports suggested that the Descendants of the Sun actor has a net worth of $24 million this year.

Is Lee Min Ho married or not? ›

Lee Min Ho is single and has never been married. Lee just posted a snapshot with his fans on Instagram while in Paris on June 19, 2019. On his birthday, June 22, he also shared a snapshot of himself.

Why did Joongki leave Running Man? ›

Cast members

In April 2011, Song Joong-ki recorded his last episode (episode 41) in May, and has left the program to focus on his acting career but returned on episode 66 as a guest after leaving for almost half a year, and later made cameo appearances in several episodes.

How old is Lee Min Ho? ›

How can I meet Joong Ki? ›

You can all join the much-awaited online fan meet by just visiting the official YouTube channel of HiSTORY D&C and ready yourselves to spend the whole night with the one and only, Song Joong Ki.

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Song hyekyo (@kyo1122) • Instagram photos and videos.

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Who is Vincenzo girlfriend? ›

The demand for Vincenzo Season 2 is on its peak these days as the story portrayed a passionate kissing scene between Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Been's characters Vincenzo Cassano and Hong Cha Young. There is another strong reason behind fans' demand to see Vincenzo returning on the screens with Season 2.

Who is Joong Ki best friend? ›

His BFF is Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo is the friend that Song Joong Ki continuously mentions in his interviews. He has even said that when Lee Kwang Soo visited him in the military, it gave him the most energy and strength.

How long did Song Song couple last? ›

They were married on the last day of October of the same year, making #SongSongCoupleWedding trend worldwide. In June 2019, barely two years into their marriage, the Song-Song couple had decided on a divorce, citing personality differences as the reason for their split.

Who is the highest paid actor in Korea? ›

Kim Soo-Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun has become the most popular Kdrama actor working today. He commands the highest amount per episode and is considered the richest Kdrama actor. He has a massive following on Instagram, with over 13.9 million followers. Everyone in Korea knows Kim Soo Hyun.

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How much did Vincenzo drama earn? ›

His smash hit 2021 drama Vincenzo put him back at the top of the pile of K-entertainment power earners, and bagged him an impressive 200 million won (SG$230,000) per episode.

How much money did the show Vincenzo make? ›

What happened to the Italians? Vincenzo paid off the Italians in episode 19 with a hefty sum of money. He drew up a contract and paid them 80 million euros. This squared the debt and stopped him being chased – it also allowed him to stay in Korea and fight against Babel group.

Which car does Song Joong Ki have? ›

Song Joong-Ki drove LAMBORGHINI Aventador LP700 ($399,500 onwards) in Vincenzo Episode 5.

Who is Lee Min-ho crush? ›

Lee Min Ho finally met his crush Song Hye Kyo, this is how he fulfilled his dream | YAAY K-Dramas.

Is Lee Min-ho a nice guy? ›

Lee Min-ho is extremely courteous and respectful towards his staff. He is often goofy and playful around them. With silly smiles and laughter, he often brightens the environment of the set. With a humble and down-to-earth attitude, he cherishes working with his peers and staff members.

Is Bae Suzy married to Lee Min-ho? ›

There were rumors that the couple was secretly getting married as Suzy was seen holding a wedding ring. Being a national couple, Min Ho and Suzy were not out of social media. The couple broke up in 2017, after three years of being in love.

Who is Gary's wife? ›

Kim Se-eun

Was Lizzy a member of Running Man? ›

In 2011, Lizzy was briefly a cast member of the SBS variety show, Running Man. That same year, she made her acting debut as a supporting character on MBC's sitcom, All My Love. Her role in Running Man was often edited out, and she eventually left to focus on All My Love.

Will Running Man end? ›

Running Man fans, prepare your tissue paper, because this isn't a joke. Running Man is officially shutting down in February 2017; the last episode will be on the last week of February 2017.

How rich is Lee Min Ho? ›

Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor, singer, and model who is the fourth-richest actor with an estimated net worth of 26 million dollars.

How do I become an actor in South Korea? ›

The best visa for actors is the Artist Visa (E6) or the Permanent Residency Visa (F2).
Best items:
  1. Debut Consulting Package (includes the participation in a short film workshop and Head Shot shooting twice and year)
  2. Korean Monologue Class.
  3. Audition One-day Class (shooting of the monologue included)

Does Bae Suzy have a husband? ›

Bae Suzy is not married, she dating with boyfriend, Lee Min-ho and her estimated net worth is around $1 Million as of 2020.

Is there any chance of Vincenzo Season 2? ›

Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely for Netflix to return with this globally-acclaimed K-drama. Song Joong-ki recently shared his views regarding Vincenzo Season 2, in an interview with Soompi. The handsome actor said, "There are no discussions about season two at all.

Who is Lee Kwang Soo best friend? ›

Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo

You may know Lee Kwang Soo as a comedian in the Korean variety show Running Man, but he also happens to be a good actor! In fact, his long-time BFF Song Joong Ki even made a special cameo in one of his series, The Sound Of Your Heart.

Who is Joong-ki dating 2021? ›

EVIDENCES REVEALED: Song Joong Ki Rumoured Girlfriend is Jeon Yeo Bin!

Why did the Song couple divorce Reddit? ›

Song Hye Kyo Explains Reasons for Divorce from Song Joong Ki in New Statement. “The reason [for the divorce] is differences in personality,” continued the agency, “and because the two were unable to overcome their differences, they were forced to come to this decision.

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Is Park Bo Gum rich? ›

According to a report, Park Bo Gum's net worth is around 2.5 million USD, and earns 90,000 USD per episode. While the majority of his wealth comes from his career in acting, he is also the face of several brands.

Who is Park Bo Gum's best friend? ›

Park Bo-gum And V From BTS

Park Bo-gum and V's bromance is a well known fact; fans have not missed pictures of the two riding the subway together, or Park Bo-gum attending BTS concerts. The friends have traveled to Jeju Island together, and on BTS' official homepage you can find pictures of the two friends together.

Are Park Bo Gum and V friends? ›

BTS's V and actor Park Bo Gum are friendship goals! On June 28, V posted a few photos on Instagram Stories of him of him posing on the airstrip, and in one picture, he showed off his sweet bond with Park Bo Gum. The two celebrities are grinning from ear to ear with their arms around each other.

How much is Nam Joo Hyuk paid? ›

Nam Joo Hyuk Earned 50 Million Won Per Episode in THIS K-Drama. Nam Joo Hyuk continues to level up into becoming one of the highest-paid Korean actors of his generation. Continue reading the article to know the K-drama where he earned 50 million KRW per episode!

How much does Nam Joo Hyuk earn? ›

Nam Joo Hyuk's Net Worth In 2021 Revealed

According to GDataMart, Nam Joo Hyuk has an estimated net worth of $10 million. The Busan-born actor is started as a model for the SONGZIO Homme 2014 Summer/Spring Collection and later appeared in the music videos of Akdong Musician's tracks titled 200% and Give Love.

Is Nam Joo Hyuk in a relationship? ›

After his romance with the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-star, Nam Joo Hyuk never got involved in any dating rumors. Outlets like also noted that the actor is still single.

How tall is Cha Eun Woo? ›

How much does Lee Joon Gi make per episode? ›

The money that he earns for his projects is no joke. Lee Joon-Gi is paid around $45,500 per episode in his dramas.

Is Lee Min Ho married or not? ›

Lee Min Ho is single and has never been married. Lee just posted a snapshot with his fans on Instagram while in Paris on June 19, 2019. On his birthday, June 22, he also shared a snapshot of himself.

How tall is Kim Joo Hun? ›

Who is Jerry in Big Mouth Kdrama? ›

Kwak Dong-yeon as Jerry / Oh Jin-chul (real name): a scammer with three previous convictions who respects the genius conman "Big Mouse".

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