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The plot to Pokémon: Let’s Go is familiar: You work to beat the Elite Four and become a Pokémon Champion. But capturing legendary Pokémon gives you something a little more exciting. Just like Pokémon Yellow, four legendary Pokémon can be caught in their hideouts: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo. But the encounters in Let’s Go are a little bit different.

To catch the legendary birds and Mewtwo, you’ll need to battle and defeat them before having an opportunity to catch them. To successfully defeat these powerful foes, you’ll need to have a Pokémon in your party that is around level 50 to even have a chance to catch the legendary birds. For Mewtwo, your party will need to be closer to level 70.


  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Articuno
  • Mewtwo
  • Catching legendary birds in the wild

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In a lot of ways, these legendary battles are similar to raid battles in Pokémon Go. Players will need to weaken the Pokémon in order to have a shot at catching them. Be ready to make use of berries and get ready for a struggle; these Pokémon are strong!

In this guide, we’ll detail where to find and how to catch each of the four legendary Pokémon.

In addition, don’t forget to check out our Pokémon Let’s Go beginner’s guide for all the tips and tricks you need to become a Pokémon League Champion.

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This awesome flying, electric-type Pokémon can be found in the Power Plant. The Power Plant is located east of Route 10. Just north of the entrance to the Rock Tunnel, you’ll see a stream. You can use the Sea Skim secret technique to get to the Power Plant. You can also fly to the Power Plant on a flying Pokémon. The Power Plant itself isn’t all that different from other large buildings and caves in Kanto. Simply make your way through its labyrinth of connected rooms until you encounter Zapdos in a large open area surrounded by sparking generators.

Zapdos is level 50. As a flying and electric Pokémon, Zapdos doesn’t fare well against rock and ice Pokémon, so if you have a strong Graveler, Golem, or Jynx, those would be preferable. Starter Eevee also works well, but if you started with Pikachu, you’re best using a different Pokémon. Generally, if you have six Pokémon around level 50, you should be able to take it out with a solid team effort. You only have five minutes to defeat Zapdos, though.

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After you defeat Zapdos, the normal catch sequence commences. We suggest lobbing a berry or two at it before trying to use an Ultra Ball. It only took us two Ultra Balls to secure Zapdos.

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Chances are, you’ll run across Moltres in the main adventure. The fire bird is located in Victory Road, which takes you to the Elite Four. In Victory Road, look for Officer Jenny, the same nice woman who gave you Squirtle early on. Near her is a large stone that must be pushed out of the way to get to a ladder. Go down the ladder, and on the right side of the room is the platform where you’ll find Moltres.

Like Zapdos, Moltres is level 50. If you have a rock-type Pokémon, you can take down Moltres in a hurry. Or you could make use of the Squirtle that Officer Jenny gave you earlier (hopefully, it’s a Blastoise now). Again, you have five minutes to defeat Moltres. After you knock it out, you’ll want to feed it a berry or two, then start flinging Ultra Balls at it.

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Articuno is located on Seafoam Islands in the southeast. You can get there by using Sea Skim from either below Fuchsia City or on the right edge of Cinnabar Island. Or you can fly there on the back of a flying Pokémon. The cave on Seafoam Islands has multiple entrances, but it doesn’t matter which one you go in first. To reach Articuno, you have to first slow the water current that flows through the cavern. To do this, go up ladders and push each of the large stones into the holes. Follow the stones down the holes and push them yet again until they land in the water below. Once you’ve sealed off the high current, you’re free to use Sea Skim to reach Articuno’s platform.

Like its legendary bird cousins, Articuno is level 50. As a flying ice Pokémon, Articuno has a few weaknesses that you can exploit. Your best bet is to use a fire, steel, or rock Pokémon. Once again, you have five minutes to defeat Articuno and kick off the catch sequence. You should be able to catch Articuno by giving it a couple of berries and tossing an Ultra Ball or two its way.

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Unlike the other legendary Pokémon, you have to beat the Elite Four before you can nab Mewtwo. Once you beat the game, your rival will tell you about a cave near Cerulean City. To get to Cerulean Cave, go up the bridge on the north side of the city and then Sea Skim in the water to the left. A Coach trainer is standing outside of it who you can battle if you’d like.


Cerulean Cave is fairly straightforward. Go up the ladder in the northeastern corner of the room. You’ll arrive in a room filled with ladders going down. Go down the one in the northwestern corner of the room. Follow the path in the next area down to the little stream of water. Use Sea Skim to reach the platform with Mewtwo. You can’t miss the creepy-looking Pokémon.

Beware, though: Mewtwo is level 70. We first tried to fight him with Pokémon who were in the high 50s and were quickly destroyed. Since Mewtwo is a psychic type, it’s weak to ghost, bug, and dark-type Pokémon. If you have a starter Eevee with a dark-type move, that will work great. Otherwise, you may want to use a Scyther or Pinsir (if you’ve been lucky enough to find one) or a ghost-type like Haunter or Gengar. You should have plenty of those thanks to your time spent in the Pokémon Tower. Since you only have five minutes to battle Mewtwo, you have to make sure you choose Pokémon who dole out solid damage.

If you want, you can use your lone Master Ball to catch Mewtwo since it’s the hardest Pokémon to catch in the game. Or you can try your luck with several Ultra Balls. It’s not too hard to catch Mewtwo with Ultra Balls if you use a few high-powered berries first.

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Catching legendary birds in the wild

While your first and perhaps only encounter with each of the four legendary Pokémon has to happen in their set locations, it is possible to see the legendary birds in the wild and score two or more of the same legendary bird. This possibility is something you would never see in Pokémon Yellow.

For a chance to see one of the legendary birds in the wild, you need to be riding on a flying Pokémon like Charizard. You also have to have a high catch chain going, so you must catch a lot of Pokémon in a row. A lure, which attracts rare Pokémon, must be active. No matter how many requirements you meet, you still might not ever see a legendary bird in the wild. They have certainly eluded us during the duration of our Let’s Go gameplay, but don’t let that deter your perseverance.

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What Legendaries are in let's go Eevee? ›

Legendary Pokémon Take Flight

To be fair, three of the four Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! —Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres—can be encountered before becoming the Pokémon League Champion.

Where do you find Zapdos Articuno and Moltres in Pokemon Let's go? ›

Just like Articuno and Zapdos, Moltres will be Level 50. After all three legendary birds have been caught, they can be found flying over most routes in the game, but players will need to fly on the back of a Pokemon to reach them. They are specifically found on Routes 1-4, 6-8, 10-19, and 21-25.

How do you catch Articuno let's go? ›

On the very bottom level of the caves, you can find Articuno. To capture the creature, you'll firstly need to take it down in combat, which you can easily do with Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack. After this, you'll need to capture Articuno using Poke Balls.

Is Eevee a Legendary Pokémon? ›

Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu & Let's Go, Eevee - Legendary Pokémon.

Is Eevee a fox squirrel? ›

Eevee are a mix of rabbit, cat, and fox. It's a common misconception that they're only foxes based on their fox-like tails, but their rabbit-like ears and short round face disprove this.

Is Mew in let's go Eevee? ›

Unlocking Mew in the game is easy; simply connect the Poké Ball Plus as a controller and open the in-game menu with the 'B' button. Navigate to Communication and then Mystery Gift. You should see an option that says 'Get with a Poké Ball Plus'.

What are the 3 Legendary Pokemon birds? ›

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the Legendary bird trio from the Pokémon franchise.

Do the Legendary Birds Respawn? ›

Although the Legendary birds will respawn if you inadvertently knock them out before catching them, it's a good idea to save when you first spot them; that way, you can simply restart the game if you knock the Pokemon out, saving you the trouble of having to chase them down again.

How do you get all 3 Legendary Birds in Pokémon Let's go? ›

To catch the legendary birds and Mewtwo, you'll need to battle and defeat them before having an opportunity to catch them. To successfully defeat these powerful foes, you'll need to have a Pokémon in your party that is around level 50 to even have a chance to catch the legendary birds.

When should I use the Master Ball in let's go? ›

Instead, keep the Master Ball tucked away until after you defeat the Elite Four, as there's a mysterious Pokemon in Cerulean Cave that can only be caught using the Master Ball.

Can you catch Articuno if it flies away? ›

If you guess wrong Articuno will fly away, but you can just follow it until it stops and try again. I recommend NOT encountering Articuno in an area where it is hailing, because the hail will whittle down Articuno's health during the battle, limiting how many turns you get to catch it.

Do ultra balls work on Articuno? ›

While you could catch Articuno, theoretically, with any ball, the Ultra Ball has the highest chance of success. Train several Pokémon up to level 55 or above. Articuno is at level 50, and it will put up a good fight when it comes across you. Be prepared to chip away at its health with a few strong Pokemon.

Is arceus an Eevee? ›

Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon and part of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisui Pokedex.

What race is Eevee? ›

SpeciesEvolution Pokémon National Pokédex Ditto ← Eevee (#133) → Vaporeon
Gender♂ Male / ♀ Female
OriginKanto (Generation I)
6 more rows

Is Sylveon a cat? ›

Sylveon is feline, not canine.

Is there an Eevee dragon type? ›

Their basic Dragon-type Eeveelution is called Drakeon, complete with tail spikes and fangs.

What is Eevee in Chinese? ›

Eevee is "伊布(Yī bù.)" The name comes from the phonetic translation of "evolution."

Is Mew a clone of Mewtwo? ›

Pokémon fans know that Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, its namesake and the legendary Pokémon succeeding it in the Pokédex.

Are Mew and Ditto the same? ›

How Mew And Ditto Are Related. Beyond appearances and general biology, Mew and Ditto share consistent overlap in their move capabilities. The two have always retained the same, though not identical, base stats across all games even though the majority of Pokémon have had some modifications made overtime.

Is Mew ever caught? ›

One of the rarest Kanto Pokemon in Pokemon GO is Mew, the first mythical Pokemon to ever appear. While players can't encounter Mew in the wild normally or fight it in raids, players are still able to get the chance to capture one.

What legendary bird did Ash? ›

Kanto. Ho-Oh debuted in Pokémon - I Choose You!, where Ash first saw it in a forest on his way to Viridian City during his first day as a Trainer. He was lying on the ground with his injured Pikachu and saw it fly over the rainbow that appeared in the sky after a storm.

Is Lugia a bird or dragon? ›

Why Lugia is a bird: -He has the Flying type. -He has wings. -He's Ho-Oh's yang, and in the manga, he is shown alongside Ho-Oh.

What if you knock out Zapdos? ›

A good thing to know about the Galarian Legendary Birds in Pokémon Sword and Shield is that, even if you do defeat them in battle, they will come back around. You'll have to leave the area that Galarian Articuno, Moltres, or Zapdos is found in, and then return to spot them again.

What happens if you faint a legendary bird? ›

If you didn't save after spotting the bird and manage to make it faint, it's not gone for good. You'll just have to go through the motions of finding it again.

How do you get Legendary birds shiny? ›

To qualify for a Shiny bird, players will need to register for each event and then compete in a battle during the battle period – dates can be found below (via Serebii).

Can you get arceus in Pokemon Let's go Pikachu? ›

If you have play records from either the Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! game, you'll be able to claim both the Pikachu Mask and the Eevee Mask in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

How many ultra balls does it take to catch Zapdos? ›

You'll need 30+ Ultra Balls. Reset to your save point if you accidentally faint him or run out of Pokeballs.

Does the Master Ball ever fail? ›

Unfortunately not. A master ball is a sure catch and you do not need to weaken the Pokemon to be able to catch it. This is also the reason why there is only 1 in each game unless you hack.

How do you get unlimited Master Balls in let's go? ›

You can't buy them in shops, so it's important to visit this location if you want extra Master Balls. After defeating the Elite Four, you'll gain access to Cerulean Cave, which is home to the powerful Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. However, what many people don't know is that this area is also home to loads of Master Balls.

What Legendaries can fly? ›

  • Articuno (フリーザー, Furīzā) - An Ice/Flying-type Pokémon. It is the first Legendary Bird. ...
  • Zapdos (サンダー, Sandā) - An Electric/Flying-type Pokémon. ...
  • Moltres (ファイヤー, Faiyā) - A Fire/Flying-type Pokémon. ...
  • Mewtwo (ミュウツー, Myūtsū) A Psychic-type Pokémon. ...
  • Mew (ミュウ, Myū) - A Psychic-type Pokémon.

Can Charizard defeat Articuno? ›

Articuno then collapses while Charizard manages to stand up. Sergio awards Charizard the win, defeating a Legendary Pokémon, and giving Ash his first Battle Frontier Symbol, the Knowledge Symbol, in the process.

Do the legendary birds flee? ›

Not only are the three Galarian Legendary birds rare spawns when using the special Incense, but their catch rates and flee rates are rather extreme. Reports from the community suggest a base catch rate of 0.3%, and a flee rate of 90% - making them incredibly hard to catch.

What's the easiest legendary to get in Pokemon go? ›

Lugia isn't a difficult Pokemon to catch. Players receive the Silver Wing from the Goldenrod Radio Tower director after defeating Team Rocket. By then, a player's Pokemon should be experienced enough to do battle with Lugia and eventually capture it. Remember that Lugia is a Physic Flying Type Pokemon.

Should I use my Master Ball on Articuno? ›

Articuno. The final Legendary Bird in the trio, Articuno is another great candidate for a Master Ball.

Should I use Master Ball on legendary birds? ›

9/16 The Legendary Birds

Roaming legendaries in the past have always been a good target for a Master Ball. In a situation where you run out of Poke Balls, it becomes a pain to hunt down that legendary again after finding it the first time.

Did Goh get Zapdos? ›

Goh tries and fails to catch a Zapdos.

What happens if Articuno flies away in lets go Pikachu? ›

If your team is not up to the challenge or you run out of time before you defeat one of the birds, they will flee from battle and you will not be able to catch them. But if you beat the Elite Four and become the new Pokemon Champion, the escaped bird will respond in its old location, giving you more chance to catch it.

Where is Mew in Let's Go Pikachu? ›

As of right now, there's only one confirmed method for obtaining Mew in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. Mew can only be obtained by purchasing the using the Poke Ball Plus accessory with the game, which is sold separately from Pokemon Let's Go, at right around $49.99 (click here to purchase one).

Where is the missing Eevee? ›

He'll tell you his Eevee has gone missing and provide a hint leading you towards Galaxy Hall. Head back to the Galaxy hall and make your way to the second floor. Then, enter the leftmost open room and interact with the Umbreon standing near the doorway.

Is Arceus created Mew? ›

This way, Arceus can still be a creator and Mew can still be an ancestor. One wild theory is that Arceus and Mew created each other, so they are both the first yet not the first. This is possible because Arceus predates Dialga; before Dialga, time had no concrete definition and might not have even been a linear path.

Is Eevee a dog or car? ›

Eevee has brown eyes, big ears, and pink paw pads. It has traits of rabbits, raccoons, foxes, dogs, and cats." Eevee and the eeveeloutions are usually accepted to be based off of either a fox (Eevee, Jolteon, Umbreon) or a cat (Espeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Vaporeon), depending on the form.

Is Eevee a cat or fox? ›

Their short, slender legs have three small toes, with footpads of a pink hue. Their eyes are brown, while their small nose is black. Eevee are a mix of rabbit, cat, and fox. It's a common misconception that they're only foxes based on their fox-like tails, but their rabbit-like ears and short round face disprove this.

Does Eevee have a brother? ›

The Eevee brothers are four Pokémon Trainers from the Pokémon anime; the signature Pokémon of the three eldest are the Eeveelutions that existed at the time. They made their appearance as characters of the day in The Battling Eevee Brothers. Rainer, Sparky, and Pyro appear to be the same age, possibly triplets.

What is Eevee called in Japan? ›

Eevee (Japanese: イーブイ Eievui) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

Are all 151 Pokemon in let's go Eevee? ›

Pokemon Let's Go Pokemon Roster

Given that Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are heavily inspired by Pokemon Yellow, the games will be made up of Pokemon from the Kanto region. This means all 151 original Pokemon will be available in the game.

What is the rarest Pokemon in let's go? ›

Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite

One of the most popular and desired rare Pokemon, other than Mew and Mewtwo, has to be Dratini and its eventual evolutions. As a pure Dragon-type Pokemon, this one will be very high on collectors' lists. Dratini can be found in the wild on Route 10, but is a very rare spawn.

How do you get arceus in Pokemon Let's go Eevee? ›

If you have play records from either the Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! game, you'll be able to claim both the Pikachu Mask and the Eevee Mask in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. You can claim these masks by speaking to the clothier after joining the Galaxy Expedition Team.

Is Chloe's Eevee special? ›

Eevee escaped the lab and met up with Chloe and Yamper, and after defeating Team Rocket, the researchers agreed to let Chloe take Eevee with her with the hope that an adventure would help Eevee find its true identity. Before leaving, the researchers told Chloe that this is a special Eevee because it has “chaotic DNA”.

Is there a Eevee GX? ›


Once during your turn (before your attack), if you have a Pokémon in your hand that evolves from Eevee, you may put that card onto this Pokémon to evolve it. Before evolving, heal all damage from this Pokémon. You can't use this Ability during your first turn or the turn this Pokémon was put into play.

What is the 151 shiny challenge? ›

One such challenge consists of getting all 151 original Shiny Pokemon from the Kanto region in less than 24 hours, and a group of determined players have achieved this highly valued goal.

What is the weakest Pokémon in let's go Eevee? ›

Ranked: 10 Weakest Pokemon In Let's Go: Eevee/Pikachu
  • 8/10 8. Zubat.
  • 7/10 7. Jigglypuff.
  • 6/10 6. Ditto.
  • 5/10 5. Chancey.
  • 4/10 4. Abra.
  • 3/10 3. Mr. Mime.
  • 2/10 2. Koffing/Weezing.
  • 1/10 1. Jynx.
21 Jan 2019

Is Eevee rare? ›

Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure, enabling it to evolve into multiple Pokémon. Eevee are quite rare in the games, but are canonically able to live almost anywhere, as they may evolve to suit their surroundings.

What is the rarest Pokémon Mewtwo? ›

#1 Rocket's Mewtwo ex

Our number one, Rocket's Mewtwo ex, really is Ultra Rare. Its home set, Team Rocket Returns, was released in a significantly smaller print run than most Pokémon sets, due to waning interest in the PTCG in the early 2000s. Renewed interest in collecting means there aren't many of these left!

How do I get a Pikachu mask? ›

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus you can receive Pikachu and Eevee Masks by having a save file from previous games in the mainline Pokémon game series. The games in question are Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee and, with their save files safely stowed on your Nintendo Switch, these cosmetic items will be yours.

What Stone evolves Eevee into? ›

Eevee evolves into Vaporeon when exposed to a Water Stone. Eevee evolves into Jolteon when exposed to a Thunder Stone. Eevee evolves into Flareon when exposed to a Fire Stone.

Is there a Hisuian Eevee? ›

No, while there have been a few new Hisuian forms of different Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Eevee was not one of them.


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