20 Best 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal With REAL Reviews (2023)

So you've already got your 200-hour yoga certification and now you're looking to advance both your yoga practice and profession. A 300-hour teacher training program is an in-depth study of yoga postures, yoga philosophy, meditation, yoga therapy, pranayama breathing, and teaching techniques. Join other like-minded students on your next teaching adventure.

Whether you want to get your 300-hours yoga TTC on the sandy beaches of Thailand or in the heart of India, we've got the training courses for you.

But first, let's break down exactly what this level of training can provide you.

General Requirements for the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

A 300-hour program is a much more advanced study for yoga teachers. To be eligible you must have already completed a 200-hour instructor certification. Once you’ve completed your 200-hour and 300-hour, you become eligible to becertified as an RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher). To complete the process you must teach for 100 hours.

You can choose your teaching experience, whether it's with Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga (or even ashtanga vinyasa yoga!), hatha yoga, or just your own unique yoga class. Whatever the case may be, if you're looking for a 300-hours training program then you must have already led 100 hours teaching your own yoga class.

So here are the full requirements for becoming an RYT 500:

  1. Complete your RYS 200 teacher training course
  2. Complete your RYS 300 teacher training course
  3. Complete 100 hours of teaching outside your training courses

Because a 300-hour program is meant to deepen a teacher’s study of yoga, any yoga school that wants to offer this program must also offer a 200 program. So they are building on top of an existing 200-hour course.

The same 5 categories of instruction apply for the 300-hour as the 200-hour:

  1. Yogic Techniques, Training, and Practice.

  2. Teaching Methods

  3. Anatomy and Physiology

  4. Yogic Philosophy and Ethics While Teaching

  5. Actual Teaching Practice

1. Yogic Techniques, Training, and Practice Requirements

Hours of instruction: 50

This course must build upon the foundation created in the 200-hour intensive. The training is meant to deepen your understanding and make clear various subtle aspects of yoga.

(Video) 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The training can be in areas like:

Asana: geometric postures to align the body, mind, emotions, and energy

Pranayama: using the breath to control your energy

Mantras:utterance of certain sounds, either internally or externally, to affect the system or environment

Chanting and Kirtan: singing or chanting mantras to purify yourself and space

Prayer: offering oneself up in devotion

Kriyas: a process of performing an internal action, often involving the breath

Concentration: the ability to achieve a single-pointed focus on an internal or external object

Meditation: a direct practice of inner discovery

The training will include direct training on a combination of these practices, as well as instruction on how to teach them. Practices will be both guided experientially, and broken down intellectually.

2. Teaching Methods

Hours of instruction: 5

Methods of teaching are different than specific instructions on teaching certain techniques like a set of asanas, or specific mantras. Those would fall under the Yogic Techniques category.

Here are examples of what you might learn in this part of the 300-hour teacher training course:

Specific needs: every person who comes to your classes or retreats has their own needs. Training in how to meet those needs in both personal and group atmospheres.

Communication skills: how to create proper boundaries in the classroom, set priorities, manage your time, and work with the unique dynamics that every group manifests.

(Video) 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review by Luis

How students learn: not everyone just “gets” the practice. Instruction on the general progression students takes as they learn and absorb the intellectual material and experiential practices.

Demonstrating: instruction on the process of teaching practice itself. How to properly show the practice, be aware of your students as they try, then help and correct them.

Teaching styles: everyone has their own style of teaching and depending on the style of yoga you’ll be learning there are specifics to be learned.

Attributes of a great teacher: instruction on how to truly embody the privilege and position of being a yoga teacher. What qualities and attributes make a great yoga teacher.

The business of yoga: becoming certified is one part of the journey. Turning your certification into a thriving yoga offering is where the business side comes in. That’s why so many endup offering retreats with us at BookRetreats. We make business easier so you can spend more time doing what you do best: teaching yoga :)

The 300-hour program shouldn’t just be a review of what you learned in your 200. It should deepen and expand your understanding of the teaching methodology.

3. Anatomy and Physiology

Hours of instruction: 15

If you’re going to be working with bodies being stretched and moved in ways people aren’t used to, it’s incredibly important to have a basic understanding of anatomy. Many teachers will get additional anatomy training as they find the 300-hour certification provides only the basics.

You’ll learn about the human system including muscular-skeletal structure, the nervous system, and the organs. This section of the course can include the anatomy of the energy body as well, including the study of the chakras and nadis (energy channels).

At least 10 of the 15 hours in the course have to be dedicated to applying the anatomical knowledge specifically to yoga. This is to ensure that the knowledge doesn’t remain intellectual, but is able to be applied to the classroom setting.

Additional potential included topics: contraindications (specific situations where people should not do a certain practice or movement), benefits of certain practices and methods, and how to move the body in an aligned and healthy way.

4. Yogic Philosophy and Ethics While Teaching

Hours of instruction: 25

At least 2 of these hours must be dedicated specifically to ethics while teaching yoga. Why?

Because you’ll run into many different dynamics that will test your ethics. Situations that don’t necessarily have clear or easy answers. Places where you’ll have to use your best judgment, and ultimately your intuition.

(Video) Review of a student after completing 300 hrs yoga teacher training from D'vine Yoga School Rishikesh

Some example areas of instruction:

Traditional texts: reading and interpreting texts like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and the Bhagavad Gita.

Ethics: how to deal with student-teacher dynamics, including relationships and sexuality.

Seva: becoming an instrument of service to others through delivering the practice of yoga in a pure and authentic way.

Yogic lifestyle: adopting various practices from the Yamas and Niyamas (two of the limbs of yoga from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras), and the potential benefits of a vegetarian diet when doing yoga.

5. Actual Teaching Practice

Hours of instruction: 30

Every student on the course must spend a minimum of 5 hours as the head teacher of a class.

This does not include assisting other teachers, getting feedback or critique from the leader of the course, or critiquing other students on the course. It must be direct practice as the head teacher.

However, time when the student is getting feedback on their teaching is included in the 5-hour minimum.

Typically you’ll receive practice in the following areas:

Teaching: being the head instructor and leading an actual class, normally composed of the students on the course itself

Observation: watching and learning from your fellow student’s teaching

Feedback: getting feedback from both the lead teacher of the course and your fellow students. Giving feedback to your fellow students based on their teaching.

Assisting: adjusting, observing, and helping in various ways as someone else is the lead teacher.


(Video) 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Review by Connie

Hours of instruction: 170

The remaining 170 hours can comprise of any of the above 5 categories. This is where each teacher training intensive can give a more specific focus to the retreat.

They might focus on going deeper into a specific practice like meditation, or even teach you much more about the business side of yoga.

300-hour courses are given much more flexibility because of their advanced status. It’s one of the major differences between the 200-hour basic training, which only has 15 hours of allowed electives.
This means your teacher training experience can narrow in on certain parts of yoga you’d like to explore in a deeper way.

Popular Destinations

Embarking on the next step of your yoga journey doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, make a vacation out of it.

300 Hour Yoga Certification Courses in Bali

Bali is one of the top destinations in the world for advanced yoga teacher training and we've got all the best yoga schools right here for you.

300 Hour Teacher Training Courses in India

Head to India to get your inspiration and education in a full immersion style (and for an affordable price).

300 Hour Instructor Certification in Thailand

Or get an intensive course in Thailand, where every living thing lives and vibrates in support of your journey.

300 Hour Trainings in Costa Rica

Or hey, maybe you’re looking for a retreat-style program. Costa Rica is known for offering luxury-style retreats, no matter the purpose of your visit. Indulge while you get your education.

5 Top 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Courses

Choosing the right instructor course is a big decision, but how do you know which one is right? Well, we make sure that all of our retreats align with our standards and yogic beliefs (aka yoga is not just a sport or business, but a journey), so you can be sure that you're signing up for somethinggoodwhen you book with Book Retreats. If you're still not sure where to begin your search, check out our top certification courses happening soon:

1.300 Hour multi-style Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Bali Yoga School was started with the sole purpose of propagating the higher teachings of yoga and the practice of the traditional forms of yoga.This300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali has been designed with sophistication and the utmost care, according to the standards set by Yoga Alliance, for those who have completed 200 Hour teacher training at Bali Yoga School.

2.28 Day 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

The teachers and guides include an Ayurvedic doctor who feels privileged to share his/her knowledge and practice of ancient traditions with modern elements of medical sciences (yoga anatomy and physiology). The intensive yoga course is dedicated to imparting, guiding, and training the students in yogic teaching, learning to cultivate a harmonious lifestyle, and acquire deeper life-changing experiences.

3. 28 Day 300 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India

This advanced yoga teacher training course is the comprehensive yoga instructor training designed in accordance with the 500-hour requirement for registration with Yoga Alliance. Those who have completed a 200-hour course can continue for a further 300 hours for an advanced yoga teacher training certification.

4. 36 Day 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training in Pavones, Costa Rica

This Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification Program draws from many traditions and emphasizes more than the physical practice of Yoga. We will explore and experience classical Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the importance of ritual, the magic of mantra, philosophy from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, awareness of the subtle energies within and around us, and a deep connection to Nature as our teacher.


This 300-hour course is for you to become a qualified professional yoga teacher and gain a higher level of knowledge in yoga. To gain a deep and thorough knowledge of yoga history, philosophy, and meditation techniques, along with fundamental class and teaching methodology, followed by practical teaching, workshop learning and practicing different yoga poses.

How to Choose The Best 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

If you want to take your personal practice even further, then diving into an advanced teacher training program is the best way to do it. Even as a registered yoga teacher, these kinds of continuing education courses can help you unlock advanced asana, develop your teaching skill further, learn yoga sequencing techniques that are too complicated to cover in a 200-hour program, and even gain the confidence (and expertise) to lead your own yoga retreat. All of that is a part of the core curriculum that a 300-hour program will cover. So when you're choosing an advanced teacher training program, look for one with lots of positive reviews and that covers all of the same stuff that you want to learn more about. This is your opportunity to dive even deeper into the philosophy and tradition (on top of developing your teaching method). So look for a yoga school that can give you exactly what you're looking for.

(Video) Yoga Teacher Training // Portugal 2018


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