1865 Podcast Dramatizes Events Following Lincoln Assassination - The Reconstruction Era (2023)

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1865 Podcast Dramatizes Events Following Lincoln Assassination - The Reconstruction Era (1)

(Video) President Lincoln Assassinated!!: The Firsthand Story of the Murder, Manhunt, Trial, and Mourning

I have seen the podcast 1865 described as a “new” series on the months after the Lincoln assassination. In fact, the podcast is in its second season, but many of its segments were previously behind a paywall, which may be why a lot of folks are discovering it now. The podcast is “historical fiction” with actors portraying people like Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and President Andrew Johnson. I have only listened to a few episodes so far and I have my usual trouble with historical fiction. The writers clearly know the history and the events are more or less accurate, but in crafting the characters, you are getting the writers’ interpretation. They also sex-up the story to keep it interesting to the general listenership.

In many way this series is like an old-time radio play from the days before television. That, in itself, may be appealing. You can listen to the episodes, which range from twenty minutes to over an hour, while on your way to work and get absorbed in the sort of entertainment your grandparents might have enjoyed in the 1940s. Those who are familiar with the story of the first months of the Johnson administration and with strong ideas on what Ulysses Grant, Gideon Welles, and various other figures of the day sounded like may be a little jarred by the actors’ interpretations of these men and women. Also, the writers like to have their characters say provocative things to keep the audiences attention.

You can get this professionally produced podcast from Wondery wherever you normally get your podcasts. Here is a link to the series on Apple Podcasts. Season 1, Episode 1 starts with the assassination of Lincoln and the events of the night. It is largely told through Stanton’s point of view. You can listen to it on the player below.

(Video) The Unbelievable Journey of Abraham Lincoln's Corpse

As I listen to these, I will post them from time-to-time if they continue to be interesting. Oh, I almost forgot, the dramatic episodes are accompanied by companion episodes in which the writers discuss their view of the history behind the fiction. Here is the companion to Episode 1:

I am not entirely sold on this series, but Clint Smith, a writer I respect, really likes it so I will give it a try. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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(Video) James Swanson on Lincoln's Assassination (Lincoln Log Podcast)

1865 Podcast Dramatizes Events Following Lincoln Assassination - The Reconstruction Era (3)1865 Podcast Dramatizes Events Following Lincoln Assassination - The Reconstruction Era (4)

(Video) The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Author: Patrick Young


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