13 Best Housewarming Gift For A Guy (2023)

When it comes to finding the best housewarming gift for a guy, there isn’t much that’s better than giving him something he wants. A good gift will also be useful to him as he settles into his new living situation. By stumping up a present that’ll improve his quality of life, you’re also helping to make his transition into his new abode smoother. When deciding on the best housewarming gift for a guy, you need to consider what his new home will be like, and what he’s hoping to get out of it. Here are some of the best housewarming gifts for a guy.

1. Bedside watch

Every guy needs a sense of time. No matter what time it is, he’ll be able to check the time by glancing at his bedside watch, which is the best housewarming gift for a guy. When buying a bedside watch for a guy, consider the design of his bedside table. He’ll want to be able to see the watch easily, so you might have to choose one with a big face and easy-to-press buttons. If he has a lot of gadgets around his bed, you might want to think about getting him a device that can connect to his phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Be considerate of the color of his wall, and the color of the case of his watch to make sure it blends in.

2. Photographs

Whether it’s a one-off gift or a mature gift that’s suitable for any occasion, having photographs around will make your newlywed husband feel at home. Choose photos that depict him performing certain acts that show how thrilled he is. Some examples include photos of him at work (e.g., him working on a project) and scenes of him with his family. If you plan on doing this as an ongoing gift, prepare your digital camera with different shots beforehand so that when you take new shots, he’ll already have one photo for each situation he’s likely to encounter. If he has more of a collection, then build a wall with photographs.

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3. Cushion

If your guy likes to relax on the couch, then consider getting him a new cushion to sit on. Be sure to get a good size so he can lie comfortably and watch TV in the next room. If he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t like to sit down for too long, then get him a cushion that’s suitable for sitting or leaning against instead of on top of another piece of furniture. Choose different kinds depending on whether he prefers soft or firm seats. The important thing is that you get him a cushion that’s big enough for him and comfortable to sit on.

4. Books

The reason why books are good housewarming gifts for a guy is that they can be read even without an internet connection. So while he settles down into his new home, your husband can also enjoy the pleasure of reading. The best thing about giving your husband books as gifts is that you can be sure he’ll never run out of things to read at night. Even if it’s just a few pages a month, he’ll still enjoy reading even as he grows older and settles into his new home. You can either get him a few books by the same author or mix things up. To up the romance level, consider getting him a book about his favorite hobby or sport.

5. Shoe rack

A good-looking shoe rack is a surefire way to get your guy to have a ‘man-cave’ in his home. Not only that, but it’ll also help him keep his shoes tidy and will enable him to find them quickly. Just make sure that you choose a shoe rack that looks great in the room without cluttering it. The rack doesn’t need to be expensive. You can get a wooden rack for pretty cheap.

6. Movie/tv boxset

What better way to show your love for your boyfriend than buying him a movie/tv box set? What will you get, his favorite movie or television program? Just choose one that he’ll like and buy him an entire set so he’ll have a complete collection of all the episodes over time. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like spending much on presents when it’s his housewarming, consider buying a few movies and tv box sets instead so that all you have to do is wrap them up and give them to him on his birthday.

7. Sports Inflatable

Okay, so a sports inflatable isn’t exactly a housewarming gift for a guy, but it is a major factor that makes his home feel like home. If your boyfriend loves to play sports and watch the TV while sitting on his couch or chairs, then an inflatable mattress is actually an excellent idea. It will be easy for him to move from room to room without getting tangled in the sheets. Plus, who doesn’t want to play in bed? The best thing about this gift is that you can be sure that he’ll always have something comfortable to sit on even as he grows older and his muscle-to-fat ratio changes. He can use the mattress to work out, watch the TV, or read a book.

8. Shaving Kit

When it comes to housewarming gifts for a guy, a shaving kit is always an amazing idea because it’s one of those gifts that would make him feel at home. The best thing about giving a shaving kit as a gift is that it’ll also be useful once he starts settling down into his new home. It will help him get rid of unwanted facial hair and will enable him to groom himself so that he looks dapper even at the office. The whole shaving kit doesn’t need to be expensive. If it’s just a container with a razor, shaving cream, and a few other tools, he’ll still appreciate it.

9. Knife set

A set of knives is always a thoughtful housewarming gift for a guy. Whether he uses it to cut fruits, vegetables, or meat, he will definitely have a lot of fun with it in his new home. It’s one of those gifts that can take him back to his childhood and the days when he would go on camping trips with his family. The best thing about getting him this gift is that you can be sure that your boyfriend will enjoy sitting down and cooking if you put a fireplace in the background to create a romantic atmosphere.

10. Sound system

A good-looking sound system will do wonders for his new house. You can even get him one that looks really nice, with a type of wood to match the texture and color of his new wall. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Just choose the one that looks great in his room without interfering with anything else around it. A good pair of headphones will make it even more useful to him because he can walk around while listening to his favorite music. The best thing about this gift is that it will remind him of his old favorites even as he settles into his new home.

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11. Fridge

If you have a boyfriend who likes to cook and he doesn’t have a fridge, you can be sure it’s bothering him to no end. It’s one of those things that he’ll be grateful for if you give him as a housewarming gift. If he doesn’t have enough budget to buy a new fridge, then you can help him out by buying a used one and arranging for it to be delivered. You can also offer to help him clean up the kitchen and install the new appliance for him so that before long, he’ll have brand-new kitchen appliances in his home.

12. Leather apron

A leather apron will always be a nice housewarming gift for your boyfriend. Especially if he’s into cooking, and has gotten used to being in his room while cooking with his friends. This gift will make it easy for him to cook at home without having to worry about spilling anything on himself. The best thing about this gift is that it’s authentic enough to where he’ll feel special when receiving it as a housewarming present. You can get one made from genuine leather or even have one embossed with the initials of both you and your boyfriend.

13. Food storage set

A food storage set is definitely something he’ll appreciate if you give it to him as a housewarming gift. Whether he’s a beginner in the kitchen or an expert, this set will help him get his hands on all the required food without having to make too many trips to the grocery store. It will always be a reminder to him of your concern and how much you love him. If he doesn’t have much budget, try buying him a few small items that are useful for storing food in the refrigerator, as well as for cooking.

By gifting your guy with these housewarming gifts, you’re making his home feel like home. Every item can be used when he settles into his new home, and will always remind him of the relationship you share with him. All you need to do to make your boyfriend’s house feel like home is to get him a set of these amazing gifts. Make sure you get the right items that are useful for his new home, and he’ll definitely be grateful to you.

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